Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Click here, win stuff!

Okay, so my favorite brand of snack foods and cereal goodies are having an amazing free prize giveaway. Annie's is celebrating their 20th anniversary! Here's your chance to participate and maybe score some priceless (haha, get it? they're free!) Annie's products!! There are two prize packs. View them here and read the details on how to enter.

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  1. Hi vanessa,
    I just linked to your blog from RWOL. This is Runner_Xtreme and I like you a lot. :) You're younger than me, but remind me a lot of myself with the spirit and the feelings.

    I also commisserate so much with what you are going through, you have no idea. I had a summer confined to the YMCA and hated pool due to a calcaneal stress fracture. It was my second one, too, and it seemed like I'd never be able to really run again without getting hurt! I'm still struggling to come all the way back with my breakable body, and this is actually my first year running "solid" since college [I graduated almost 2 years ago].

    It just feels like you write a lot how I feel...from the weather doing nothing but reminding you of a need to run, to losing the "umph" to eat even when you know you need that medicine.

    Hang tough--I still have the quote posted on my running-themed door saying "some people follow their dreams, others hunt them down and BEAT THEM INTO SUBMISSION." And also "those who have done the greatest things are the ones who have to overcome incredible odds."
    It means going against the standard feelings and reactions, like anyone would-and taking on the tough and tenacious spirit of a champion, doing what you need to do!

    Hang in there, be STRONG where it counts the most. I'm with you at heart.